This is a collection of written pieces that comes from things I’ve thought and experienced; occasionally they are illustrated with photos that I’ve taken. They are here because I want people to enjoy them. This is a sort of print performance and as with other kinds of performance it is a meaningless exercise without an audience. So be my audience ...


I have no idea how you can become a Follower of this Blog. Some folk have successfully navigated the maze that Google has created so that it is bloody well nigh impossible to become a Follower. Well, the truth is I don't need or want Followers. I'm not starting a religious movement - I'm just writing a blog. You don't need to Follow me (I use 'Follow' in a Google sort of way) because this isn't Scientology, it's just me. I'd love to think that some people hang on my every word but, do you know? I don't think they do and I think they would be rather strange people if they did. So, please, ignore this Follower thing. Bookmark my blog and look in from time to time to see what I've come up with, that's all you need to do. And Bless You my Children for taking the time to share my thoughts.

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